Abu Saleh: Arcade Style Computer Game for Muslim Children [CD]

Abu Saleh: Arcade Style Computer Game for Muslim Children [CD]

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The world's first Muslim arcade game hero! Abu Saleh is pumped with iman and on a one-man dawa mission to spread The Truth with strength, wisdom and the vigor of youth!

While it is an arcade game, it rewards knowledge. You can gain lives by giving successful answers when it asks you questions. You can also achieve a higher score if you demonstrate what you know. Enriched with a good sound track provided by no other than Br. Dawud Wharnsby-Ali who complains of the addictiveness of Abu Saleh.

Ever been in a shopping mall at prayer time and needed to find a place to hit the rug fast!? Help Abu Saleh through the first level as he seeks to purify himself and find a secluded spot to offer his prayers, while trying to avoid the fitna and torment of The Baddies around him. (Spiders, snakes, thieves, bats, wild rolling barrels and more! May Allah grant them guidance!) Abu Saleh is a peace loving man by nature, but sometimes has to defend himself against those who threaten his life or faith.

Stomp, jump and bounce Abu Saleh to other levels where he must seek to strengthen himself with the sustenance Allah has provided for him! Help our hero increase his Islamic knowledge! Help him avoid the pit-falls of life and the fires of Jahannam! And DONT let the bizarre environment of life?s colorful bazaars pull him away from his mission of dawa and the Straight path of Islam!