Al-Sirah Al-Nabawiyah (Arabic) [PC]

Al-Sirah Al-Nabawiyah (Arabic) [PC]

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Musab ibn Muhammad Abu Dharr al-Khushani

The Prophets biography occupies great status in the hearts of Muslims, since it is the guide that shows them the right way.

Prompted by its keenness to present the Prophets guidance from acknowledged sources, Harf has developed the Encyclopedia of the Prophets Biography (Al-Sirah Al-Nabawiyah) program. The encyclopedia includes a set of the most important books composed on the Prophets biography and his conduct. The encyclopedia comprises more than 9,000 pages, which are arranged juristically and linguistically.

The program features famous books on the Prophets biography such as Al-Sirah Al-Nabawiyah by Ibn Hisham, Mukhtasar Al-Sirah by Muhammad bin `Abdul-Wahhab, Zad Al-Ma`ad by Ibn Al-Qaiyim, Al-Raud Al-Unuf by Al-Suhaili and Al-Maghazi by Al-Waqidi.

The program provides a set of scholarly indices of Quranic verses, Hadiths, biographical names, geographical names, names of groups, battles, incursions, verses and books.

Multiple search modes:

Textual search using advanced search technologies that enable search by typing a search word or set of words to find matches in the programs references

Thematic search through a subject-tree involving all topics related to the Prophets biography

Juristic search using any element of the indexes to facilitate search for a Quranic verse, Hadith, or any other information that is included in the indexing service of the program

The program contains a timeline on which the events of the Prophets biography are displayed in ascending order of the related years, according to the Hijri and Gregorian calendars.

Maps and illustrations are displayed, which indicate the geographical places that witnessed the most famous events that occurred during the Prophets life.