An Exercise in Understanding the Quran | 20 Copies Bulk

An Exercise in Understanding the Quran | 20 Copies Bulk

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Irfan Ahmad Khan
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An Exercise in Understanding the Quran : An Outline Study of the Last Thirty Divine Discourses, Surahs 85 to 114 (Irfan Ahmad Khan)

"Based on half a centurys study and reflections, the author develops - in line with recent trends in Quranic exegesis - a new method for Quranic understanding, and combines with it the result of his enquiries in thematic structure of the Quranic surhs. It is this combination that the uniqueness of the book lies in." -Mahmood Ghazi, Professor and former President, International Islamic University, Islamabad

"Professor Khans interpretative approach, supported by his penetrating exploration of the inner harmony of the Quran, is of remarkable importance. His passionate devotion to Quranic truth has led him deeply into a relationship with the text that transcends textual analysis. He proposes a relationship between the reader and the Quranis text that has the enticing power to draw out the full engagement of the seeker of guidance into inspired understanding of revelation" - Stephen Young, Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table

"Dr. Khans path-breaking contribution helps understanding the Quranic text "with ones own minds."...To him (e.g.) the command to honor orphans includes honoring all alienated and marginalized. It is a remarkable achievement for which readers will be deeply grateful." - Joseph Elder, Professor of Sociology and Languages and Cultures of Asia, University of Wisconsin, Madison

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