Anatomy of Success: The Science of Inheriting Your Brain's Wealth & Power While You're Still Alive

Anatomy of Success: The Science of Inheriting Your Brain's Wealth & Power While You're Still Alive

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Saleem Bidaoui
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Some people are truly committed to do whatever it takes to change the status quo. They read all they can, attend seminars, and listen to CDs every day, but to no avail. Anatomy Of Success addresses this issue and provides insights on why some of us fail and what they should do to achieve what they want…on a permanent basis.

The book has two parts:
Part One is about understanding the mechanics of our brain and why we may, or may not, achieve what we want in life. Further, it’s about tapping into our true potential, and why & how every normal human being is fully equipped to reach any summit of success they may desire. Part Two, however, is about the tools, and the process, needed to complete the journey, naturally and effortlessly.

Most of us use computer programs at minimum capacity simply because that’s all we know. Most of us use our brains in the same way. The goal of this book is to illustrate the real capacity and potency of our brains, then provide the essential tools, and the means, to achieve our dreams.

Anatomy Of Success is unique in a sense that it not only has a wealth of scientific evidence about how the brain achieves success, but also provides a simple and easy process to clean up our bio-hard-drive, tune it up, then reprogram it for optimal success. The book appeals to those interested in understanding the roots and the molecular structure of success rather than merely following instructions on how to get there.