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Miswak MAXX

Miswak MAXX

Dr Sayeed
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English Translation of the Message of The Quran

English Translation of the Message of The Quran

Translated by Prof Syed Vickar Ahamed

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  1. Scouts Save the Day-Arabic [VHS]

    Scouts Save the Day-Arabic [VHS]


    1 videocassette (70 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in
    Edition [English version]
    Note VHS format
      "English version by Astrolabe Pictures Inc."--Container
      "Vol. 3"--Cassette label
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  2. Burdah by Yusuf Islam [CD]
  3. We Love Muhammad [CD]

    We Love Muhammad [CD]


    My kids were spellbound from beginning to end! This is the first in the series of audiotapes/CDs that tells the story of Prophet Muhammad’s (s) life in the most creative and appealing style for children. Through dramatic narration, sound effects and songs, sung by our talented "We Are Muslims Kids", parents, teachers and children alike will enjoy learning about the Prophet’s life and applying his sunnah. Includes 8 Great NEW Songs:

    1.Ya Muhammad

    2.Special Child


    4.Great Lady Khadija

    5.Al Amin

    6.The Black Stone


    8.We Love Muhammad(s)

    We Love Muhammad has really been a labor of love for the whole company. Two years of careful research combined with our love of Prophet Muhammad(s) and the uncomparable story of his life helped us to create the most captivating audio to help all Muslim children get to know his extraordinary life and love him. Inshah Allah, we hope that each time you listen to this tape, it sends a special salaam to our beloved Prophet(s).

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  4. Towards the Light [CD]

    Towards the Light [CD]


    [Ages 8 & Up] 

    Music album

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  5. Dreams and Dream Interpretations - Set of 3 Cds

    Dreams and Dream Interpretations - Set of 3 Cds


    About this series:

    Allah Almighty says: “Behold! Verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve; those who believe and guard against evil. For them are glad tidings, in the life of this world and in the Hereafter.”

    The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) explained the glad tidings of the life of this world to be dreams. He said it is: “the good dream that a Muslim sees or is seen for him”

    The world of dreams is an amazing and intriguing one. The early scholar of Islam Ibn Qutaybah says: “There is nothing that people deal with from the different sciences that is more obscure, delicate, exalted, noble, difficult, and problematic than dreams, because they are a type of revelation and a kind of prophethood”.

    CD1: seventeen Rules of Dream Interpretations

    CD2: Dreams in the Quran and Hadith

    CD3: Dreams of the Companions and examples of interpretation from the book of Ibn Qutayba

    Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico, USA. He studied the Islamic sciences of Quran, hadith, and fiqh with scholars from Yemen. Imam Anwar served as an Imam in Denver, Colorado; San Diego, California; and Falls Church, Virginia. He is the author of the audio series on “The Lives of the Prophets”, “The Hereafter”, “The Life and Time of Abu Bakr and Umar” “The Messenger of Allah” along with other single lectures.

    Imam Anwar also holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University, and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from San Diego State University.

    Currently he resides in Yemen.

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  6. Fehmul Quran in English by Farat Hashmi on CD

    Fehmul Quran in English by Farat Hashmi on CD


    Brief translation and explanation of the Holy Quran.

    This set has been produced by Al-Huda, Dr. Farhat Hashmi's religious organization- the translation and explanation by Amina Elahi has been approved by Dr. Farhat Hashmi.

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  7. Minhaj al Muslim by Mawlana Makki in Urdu Tapes
  8. Fehm ul Quran in Urdu by Farat Hashmi on CD

    Fehm ul Quran in Urdu by Farat Hashmi on CD


    Brief translation and explanation of the Holy Quran.
    Dr. Farhat Hashmi: Fahm-ul-Quran, Urdu Translation (52 CDs)

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  9. Khulafa Rashidoon by Mawlana Makki in Urdu CD
  10. Seerat-un-Nabi by Mawlana Makki in Urdu CD
  11. Qisas al Ambiya by Mawlana Makki in Urdu CD
  12. Khulafa Rashidoon by Mawlana Makki in Urdu Tape Set
  13. Good Character : Reforming the Inner Self (2-CD set) Shaykh Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Lecture Series

    Good Character : Reforming the Inner Self (2-CD set) Shaykh Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Lecture Series


    Topics range from the Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasallam's profound effect on the Companions and their outstanding character; the importance of reforming the self and nurturing the heart; and the importance of correcting ones inner three faculties: knowledge ['ilm], anger [ghadab], and desire [shahwa], upon which depends good character. Learn More
  14. Saviours of Islamic Spirit

    Saviours of Islamic Spirit


    Lectures by Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf [Bio]

    A riveting series of lectures to captivate, inspire, and revive the hearts of the young and old alike

    Based on the acclaimed work of the late Shaykh Abul Hasan Ali al-Nadwi, these lectures draw on

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  15. Men & Women - Hamza Yusuf [CD]

    Men & Women - Hamza Yusuf [CD]


    Many people have long held the erroneous notion that men are better than women. In Men & Women, Hamza Yusuf makes clear the positions and roles of men and women in society according to the Quran and Sunnah and sheds much-needed light on several often misunderstood Quranic verses and hadiths concerning the relationship between the two. His eye-opening discussion of issues such as the hijab, marital rights, and domestic violence, will prove invaluable for all listeners, particularly couples who want to improve understanding in their marriages and individuals who want to be reassured of Islams honor of women.

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