Before the Wedding: Questions for Muslims to Ask Before Getting Married

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Before the Wedding: Questions for Muslims to Ask Before Getting Married

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Munira Leković Ezzeldine
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"The most important job we take on in our life is how to be a good spouse to the person you love. Unfortunately, that is also a job that we take on without education or training. All that we have is a mix of traditions and personal judgement that is usually colored by our emotions and desires. This is what makes this book needed by all, especially those who are about to tie the knot. Munira Ezzeldine, in a very friendly style, offers profound advice based on scientific data and keen observation. The additions to the third edition make it more far reaching and complete. I consider it a "must read" for couples in the pre-marital stage as well as those who are already busy maintaining their nest." - Dr. Maher Hathout

In this third edition, you will find questions geared toward fostering thought provoking and challenging conversations between you and your potential spouse.  You will understand the process of preparing for marriage by exploring your personal beliefs and values as well as the qualities you seek in a spouse.  You will also explore your views on profession, education, Islam, culture, finances, children, etc. to gain a deeper understanding of one another and to determine you compatibility.  Before the Wedding will pave the way for you to sharpen your communication skills and gain valuable insights that will boost your confidence in making the best decision for marriage.


Table of Contents


1  Marriage Preparation
2  Marrying the Right Person
3  The Red Flags
4  How to Use This Book
5  Personality

6  Islam & Culture 
7  Finances
8  Life at Home
9  Friends & Community
10 Family
11 Children
12 Questions for Friends & Family
13 After the Wedding: Sexual Relationship
14 The Marriage Cycle 

15 Intercultural & Interfaith Marriages