Foldable Prayer Rug with Back Rest (Green)

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Foldable Prayer Rug with Back Rest (Green)

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Padded Cushion
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  • SPECIAL Relationship : dingfory's floor chairs are made for those who need relaxation, and are designed for those who take mindfulness seriously. It has a basic design of a foldable floor chair and is characterized by a classic feel. How about having a relaxing time in this snug space on a weekend afternoon? Many people also use it as a meditation mat or prayer rugs.
  • The 115 degree backrest chair is a good angle to do something while reclining. In addition to resting, it is used as a outdoor meditaion and prayer rug, reading and studying or yoga, and this adult floor sitting is used in a variety of ways regardless of its purpose. If you have back pain, stop slouching and lean fully against the backrest. Will reduce the pressure on your spine. There is a small back pocket on the back of the floor seating. Keep your books and notes in your back pocket!
  • LOUNGE IN COMFORT : The thickness is 1cm! Crafted from soft oxford material ​on a sturdy support base, the cushion floor chair offers exceptional comfort thanks to its thick foam padded seats. The cushioning will make your face and knees forget about irritation.
  • SIZE : 43.3 in × 21 in" ( 110 cm × 53 cm ) Weight : 3.85 lb (1,75kg) Right size for adults and kids. The width and length are longer than typical floor chairs or rest mats, so you can stretch your legs apart place them on a comfy matt, and lean back to rest comfortably in the desired position.
  • STORAGE : We know most homes are cluttered enough as it is. Taking into account the effective use of space, it is 1.7 in(4.5 cm) thick and can be stored in a narrow storage space. When not in use, it is easy to store in a corner such as a closet or sofa floor. This is the reason why we designed the floor chair with back support in 3 fold so that we can store your product. Folded Size : 14.5 in x 21 in(37 cm x 53 cm) Besides it's very easy to carry as it's only about 3.85 lb (1.75kg) Less mess!
  • Army green - Patience and diligent are revealed in the green. This color creates a feeling of peace, comfort, nature and harmony. Among the people who prefer green, there are many hard-working type people who have a good sense of cooperation and balance.