Foldable Sajda Mat (Teal)

Foldable Sajda Mat (Teal)

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This is the BRAND NEW Foldable Sajda Mat that provides a soothing blend of comfort and concentration in Salah! With a thickness of 8mm, it’s the orthopedic solution recommended for joint problems, knee pain, hard surfaces and indoor/outdoor use. It’s portable, water-resistant, hypoallergenic AND eco-friendly!

Color: Teal

Size: 24”x48”

“And the Earth has been made sacred and pure and a masjid for me, so whenever the time of prayer comes for any of you, he should pray wherever he is.” (Sahih Muslim)

2 Reviews

  • Your knees will thank you, and easy to take around!
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    Posted by Ayman Taleb on Feb 25th 2021

    In this COVID-age of most masjids requiring we bring our own prayer mat, the Foldable Sajda Mat is a wonderful solution to praying comfortably and on-the-go. It easily opens up, very comfortable to pray and sit on, and easily folds and stores away in your car. The orthopedic material cushions the landing when going down for sujūd, and provides relief when the ground/floor under the mat is rough/course/hard. I've used it at the office for years, especially on days I worked out my legs at the gym. JAK Furqaan for the Foldable Sajda Mat!

  • A Must-Have Product
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    Posted by Ammo Musa on Aug 3rd 2020

    I've purchased 4 of these over the last few years for myself and family members. It's a great portable, comfortable mat that you can keep in your desk drawer at work, in your car, or otherwise use in these times of social distancing when we're often praying on hard floor or outdoor surfaces. For me, it loses 1 star because I don't like the way the folding is designed. The prayer surface faces out, and I'd rather see it so that the clean side folds in. That way, you can store it so it stays clean and protected. Instead, we have to keep it stored in the box, which really doesn't hold up well to being used every day, multiple times a day. The material also does wear out (though it takes a few years); I've found that it gets stained/the pattern wears off and it starts to wear thin around the knee and forehead areas. All in all, I highly recommend this product and rely on it for daily salat at work. I haven't found anything else like it on the market. Jazakum Allahu khayran!