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In Praise of Last Prophet [CD]

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Media type:Compact disc

Featuring 13 Songs and Poetry Praising the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Track Listing: 
- 1 - 
Quran: Al-Ahzab verse 56 
Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Alhousari
- 2 - 
Yusuf Islam
- 3 - 
Sunshine Dust & the Messenger of Allah 
Dawud Wharnsby-Ali
- 4 - 
Ya Rabbi Bil Mustafa
Aashiq al-Rasul
- 5 - 
Praise to the Prophet 
Zain Bhikha
- 6 - 
Tala al-Badru Alayna
Yusuf Islam
- 7 - 
Extracts from the Qasidah Burdah, 
The Poem of the Mantle
Khalid Belrhouzi
- 8 - 
Rakan Selawat - Mawlid 
- 9 - 
Salli ala Muhammad 
Yusuf Islam
- 10 - 
Madinah Tun-Nabi
Dawud Wharnsby-Ali
- 11 - 
Blessed Mustafa
Aashiq al-Rasul
- 12 -
Sevdim Seni 
Zain Bhikha & Hasan Kiliçatan
- 13 - 
Cahaya Selawat
14 - 
May God Bless You
Yusuf Islam & Abdesselam Bassou
This collection of songs extolling the Last Prophet (saw) is an attempt to portray and fortify the love that every Muslim should have for the Messenger and which is essential. Love of the Prophet (saw) is something the early Muslims overflowed with and is something we should try to emulate. Umar ibn al-Khattab, the second Caliph and companion of the Prophet himself provides a good example of this, when at one time he said, O Messenger of Allah! I love you more than anything except my soul. The Messenger of Allah (saw) replied, No, by Him in Whose Hand my soul is (you will not truly believe) till I am dearer to you than your own soul. Umar said, However, now, by Allah, I love you more than my own soul. The Prophet (saw) said, Now Umar (you are a believer.)3 

Following in the footsteps of the earliest generations of Muslims, believers in every age, and writing in every language of the Muslim world, have created poems in praise of the Chosen One. This is the most constant and most popular theme in Islamic literature, seeking to celebrate the birth, life, love, heroism, and afterlife of the Blessed Prophet (saw), and the miracles and wonders which accompanied him at every stage of his life. Our intention, with this album, is to try and fulfill the command of Allah Almighty to salute the Prophet with a worthy salutation.4 

The songs contained in this unique compilation stress our praise and love of the Prophets (saw) virtues and request Allah Almighty to everlastingly bless him with the choicest of His blessings. 
On the Day of Judgement, men and women will flock to his banner, and plead with him to pray to Allah to overlook their sins - a special honour granted to the Last Prophet (saw), about which he said: The people will come to me [on the Day of Judgment] and I will prostrate myself underneath Allahs Throne. Then I will be addressed, O Muhammad! Raise your head; intercede; for your intercession will be accepted and ask (for anything) for you will be given.5 

May God bless the great array of Islamic scholars, historians and poets who have contributed to the understanding and knowledge of his life and message. The leaders of Islam have revealed their humility by their limitless praise of the Messenger of God, the Beloved of God, the Intercessor, the Last Prophet (saw) to an erring and forgetful humanity which needs this love more now than ever before.


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Yusuf Islam & Abdesselam Bassou
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