The Adventures of the Salamander (Volumes 5-7)

The Adventures of the Salamander (Volumes 5-7)

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Michael Klaus Schmidt

The Adventures of the Salamander is Steampunk for kids. A set of 10 whimsical, illustrated tales, the stories cover many important themes including, but not limited to, good behavior, friendship, loyalty, cheese, social justice, giant purple sea-monsters, environmental concerns, time travel and more.

The story itself is about a young salamander named Slippy. Slippy continues in his effort to find help for his village, but seems to stumble further and further away from home in the process.

The books are written for kids of various age ranges. There are tons of illustrations for everyone to enjoy, and each illustration has a caption in large print, so younger kids can approach it like a picture book. In addition to this, the more detailed main text reads like a chapter book, for more advanced readers. Finally, there are detailed footnotes, maps and several appendices for the scholarly minded.

About the Author: Michael Klaus Schmidt is an award winning artist and illustrator, and this is his first publicly available work as an author. Inspired by some of the great children's book writers, like Dr. Seuss, E.B. White, Maurice Sendak, and others, Michael has written an intricate tale, about a salamander's ongoing struggle against tyrrany, spanning ten volumes.