The Emergence of Renaissance: Cultural Interactions Between Europeans & Muslims

The Emergence of Renaissance: Cultural Interactions Between Europeans & Muslims

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Susan L. Douglass
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Author: Susan L. Douglass; Karima Diane AlaviÂ
Publisher: Council on Islamic Education CIE, Dar al Islam
Pages:32 Binding: 3 Ring Binder Format

Here is a collection of teaching resources that links your classroom to the wealth of recent scholarship and historical thinking. From hemispheric trade to the history of science, from art, literature and architecture to luxury consumer goods, and from religious expression to the rise of colleges, The Emergence of Renaissance lets your students hear the voices and see the sights of places, people and fascinating artifacts that contributed to this formative period in Western and world history.

Covering learning standards related to medieval and Renaissance world history from virtually every state and national curriculum document, this flexible teaching tool contains dozens of illustrated texts, activities, literature and primary source readings. Teachers can utilize the materials for lecture preparation, for in-depth exploration of history in cooperative learning settings, and for student reading and classroom activities.

The complete collection can be implemented as a mini-course or teachers can implement one or more of the four segments or just individual texts and activities. A chart keys texts and activities to topics in the world history course, helping the teacher to select the right materials for middle school, high school, or mixed ability students. Useful in science, math, and art classes, too. Includes CD-ROM of 32 slide images.