The Price of Paradise

The Price of Paradise

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Abdul Hye
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Roadmap to Paradise

In this world, we are constantly looking and checking the price of everything we deal with and then we decide accordingly... what to buy, what to sell, etc. We are very particular about wordly affairs; we care for every small detail.

There is also a price for the Akherat... Grave, Day of Judgment, Bridge, Heaven or Hell. If the price is RIGHT, you will be able to overcome difficulties and punishments and eventually enter into Paradise and live there forever. There is no quick or magic solution. Allah S.W.T. and His Rasul S.A.W. have laid down the ground rules. This book describes step by step the roadmap to paradise. If you are serious about being successful in the hereafter, you should seriously plan, act, avoid pitfalls, build assets, and pray to Allah. There is no second chance. You cannot come back to this world and correct your past mistakes. Ask Allah to forgive your past mistakes, and settle wwith those whose rights you have violated. You must do it right, be fully prepared to face Allah and give accounts of your deeds. You cant deny them. Your lips will be sealed. All your body parts will speak to give witness. You cannot fool Him. You cannot by-pass Him. You cannot avoid Him. You will face Him sooner or later. The stakes are very high for eternity. So, if you are smart, then be prepared.

As it is shown in the book, Dawah/Jihad for the cause of Allah carries the highest rewards. Try to organize yourself to actively participate in Dawah as much as you can and build your assets. May Allah help us all and make us big winners in the hereafter.