Ya Allah Pardon Me

Ya Allah Pardon Me

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Muhammad S. Adly
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Oh, my Lord! How merciful you are, for You are the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful! How generous You are! For you are the Most Generous, the Most Bountiful! How patient You are! For You are the source of Patience, the Most Appreciative! My Lord! How many promises I have made with You, but then I have ended up reneging on my promise! How audacious I am, and how ignorant I am! I have watched for people’s eyes, while mine have been neglectful of Your observing me! How forbearing You are! Oh, Most Forbearing! Under Your heavens I have sinned, and on your land I have perpetuated! How patient You are! How forbearing You are! I have repeatedly promised You that I would repent! And I have asked your pardon! And I have raised my hands to call You! And I have uttered with my tongue, seeking Your forgiveness! After that, here I am again reneging time after time, blemished by my sin! My Lord! Whose kingdom is not diminished by my sin! And Whose kingdom is not enhanced by the obedience!

I am Your slave-servant, son of Your slave-servant, son of your maidservant! My forefront is held in Your hand! Your will over me is forever executed! Your Decree over me is forever just! I am asking You the way a slave-servant with no power or might except with You would (ask you)! Not to dismiss me empty-handed when I turn back to You! Grant me the power to return to You whenever I turn far away from You! You are my guardian in this life and the hereafter, take me up to You, as it is due, as a Muslim to join me up amongst the righteous ones!