Hajj and Umrah [PC]

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Hajj and Umrah [PC]

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This is an extraordinary CD-Rom detailing all of the rules and regulations of Hajj and Umra. It will take you through all of the steps and explain the pilgrimages histories using video footage, photographs and color maps. Some Features of this program: -steps of Hajj and Umra are shown during all circumstances -a timetable of the acts that a Muslim should perform is provided explaining sequential stages and relevant locations -Quranic stories about Hajj (i.e. Zamzam, building of Kaba by Prophets Ibrahim and Ismail peace be upon them) -extensive index of Quranic verses, Hadith, Islamic terminology related with Hajj, maps, pictures, film clips and animation -womens Hajj - detailed information including rules for special rites for women -includes a game which tests your knowledge of Hajj and Umra -multiple language interfaces .. English, Malay, Indonesian, Turkish and Arabic -works with 486/DX and above with a min. of 8 meg RAM, 4X CD-Rom and any Soundblaster compatible card -fully compatible with all WIN environments More Information: If you or someone you know is planning to perform Hajj or Umra, then this CD-rom provides the necessary learning needed before undertaking these life-changing journeys.