IQRA' Arabic Reader 3 Textbook

IQRA' Arabic Reader 3 Textbook

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Fadel Ibrahim Abdullah
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This is the 3rd book for the 3rd grade of the 2nd generation of Iqr'a integrated curriculum to teach Arabic as a second language. As we mentioned in the previous two books, the second generation will consist of 12 levels from 1st grade to the 12th. As these books are designed to cover full time schools' needs, not the weekend ones, they are the widest and most inclusive, providing students with enough material for 30 weeks, with approximately 4 to 5 classes held weekly. 

Teachers will notice that this book either previously or later depends on specific studying approaches. Each book is divided into units and is divided into short lessons, focusing on a specific lingual skill that we seek students to study in a balanced way, to come up with an integrated studying program that deals with language as a creature related to student and makes learning an exciting experience. The book depends on pictures to present meanings and definitions, on colors for encouragement and focusing on concentration points, and on intensive exercises to learn reading and writing.

It also includes ballads, verdicts, proverbs, limericks, and short stories that provide student educational and cultural dimensions related to language along with suspense and entertainment. It also aims to make reading, speaking, and comprehension easier, and to improve the ability to converse using a specific number of the most common and suitable vocabularies with student's environment in this elementary level. Students learn specific number of nouns, verbs, adjectives, articles, and the meanings letters with a frequent use after presenting it for the first time through exercises and activities existed in the student's book and its activity book.