Qibla Pointer - Acrylic

Qibla Pointer - Acrylic

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Al-Furqaan Foundation introduces the new acrylic Qibla pointer. Help the guests in your hotel, home or place of business orient themselves towards the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia for the five daily prayers. Not only will the pointer serve the purpose of showing what direction to face, but it will also have a symbolic impact showing that Muslims from around the world are welcome to stay and pray.

Size: 4" x 2" x 0.1"
Material: Durable acrylic with adhesive on the back for easy application
Where to place it: On the ceiling with a smooth surface (for strong hold)
Color: Greenish yellow with black writing

Dawah approach
Qibla Pointers are common throughout the Arab world, our aim is to make them common in the United States as well. It’s a form of dawah that shows no matter where a Muslim is, he/she will be unified with the rest of the Muslim world when facing Mecca to pray.

How to position the pointer
It’s important to keep in mind that there is space available for people to pray wherever the pointer will be. It isn’t recommended to put the pointer on a desk or within a drawer, because it wouldn’t be easily spotted and would get covered by one’s belongings. The best spot to apply the pointer is on the ceiling directly above the floor space available for prayer.

Why should I place the pointer on the ceiling?
Ceiling would be the best to indicate angle and direction. Showing the angle and direction on a wall would be difficult.

How do I find the direction?
Use our tool by entering the address and it will show you the direction.

How can I add the pointer in the hotel I stayed at?
Contact the management of the hotel and get permission, then sponsor the pointers by ordering and sending them to the hotel.Guide them to use our tool to figure out how to place them in each of their rooms.

Ideal for
Guest rooms, basements, or all rooms in your home
Chapels at airports around the world
Hotel rooms
Chapels in every hospital
By prayer space allocated in companies (in conference rooms etc.)
Any prayer space used in public areas for regular prayers