The Clear Quran® Tafsir for Kids - Surah 1, and 49-114 Volume 4 | Hardcover

The Clear Quran® Tafsir for Kids - Surah 1, and 49-114 Volume 4 | Hardcover

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Dr. Mustafa Khattab
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"What makes this translation unique is that it has been edited by kids, for kids. I have worked diligently with a team of students (mostly grade 2-5) to identify difficult words and replace them with easier ones that carry the same meaning. As for the words we couldn’t replace, they are explained in the glossary, along with the Arabic terms used in this book. With the help of qualified Islamic and public school teachers and professional editors, we made sure that the translation is accurate and accessible."

About the Translator 

Dr. Mustafa Khattab is a Canadian-Egyptian authority on interpreting the Quran. He was a member of the first team that translated the Ramadan night prayers (Tarawîḥ) live from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina (2002-2005). Dr. Khattab memorized the entire Quran at a young age, and later obtained a professional ijâzah in the Ã¡Â¸Â¤afá¹£ style of recitation with a chain of narrators going all the way to Prophet Muḥammad Ã¯Â·Âº. He received his Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. in Islamic Studies in English with Honours from Al-Azhar University’s Faculty of Languages & Translation. He lectured on Islam at Clemson University (OLLI Program, 2009-2010), held the position of Lecturer at Al-Azhar University for over a decade starting in 2003, and served as the Muslim Chaplain at Brock University (2014-2016) and UTM (2019-2021). He is a member of the Canadian Council ‎of Imams and a Fulbright Interfaith Scholar. He has served as an Imam in the U.S.A. and Canada since 2007 and is the translator of The Clear Quran (2015), the author of The Clear Quran® for Kids (2020), The Clear Quran® Dictionary (2021), Shukran (an illustrated story for children, 2020), The Nation of Islam (2011), and Outfoxing Fox News (2017), and contributor to the Encyclopedia of Muslim American History (2010).

14 Reviews

  • Great book
    star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate 5

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 10th 2021

    The book is very well organized. The colors are very vibrant an appealing. The content is amazing to help understand and memorize the quaran.

  • all these pictures
    star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_border 4

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 5th 2021

    Before I start, let me just say this is my opinion and I mean no disrespect to anyone. I wish the illustrator (Noor kids) would have at least made the eyes closed. There are pictures of animals and humans and toys; also the authors picture on the back cover and the pictures of people who have reviewed it inside. I understand this was made for kids...for them to enjoy it. But to me, it isn’t okay. All these pictures with Allahs words is not okay. I also don’t like that they wrote the 27th of Ramadan is layla tul qadr...could’ve mentioned that it’s in one of the last 10 nights of Ramadan instead. That would have been more accurate. Im still going through the text so we’ll see how the rest of it is. I do like it though. What made me buy this is the style: the Arabic, the translation, and the words of wisdom. The names of the Prophets mentioned in the beginning. I wish they had an index of which surahs the Prophets names were mentioned. All in all. This is a really good Quran to help kids gain an understanding of the Quran and our religion. Obviously I was intrigued and I wanted this for my kids...that’s why I bought it. But I am upset about the pictures. Sigh.

  • best purchase ever
    star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate 5

    Posted by hira ali on Mar 1st 2021

    I m so so happy we got this. I was looking for something like this for my kids and as we received it yesterday and we started off with Fatiha and it really refreshed our iman as well I wish they complete the whole Quran this way for kids who are memorizing Quran. Very good initiative. I hope we get into concept of memorizing and understanding at the same time.
    Jazakallahukhyr for all your effort.
    Highly recommended

  • Excellent
    star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate 5

    Posted by F. R. on Sep 27th 2020

    I purchased this for my 2 year old and my wife and I read a few pages to him everyday. We have several Islamic children's books in our home and this is our favorite. I also love the Clear Quran, which I read for free regularly on the app. I also recommend purchasing the Clear Quran book in its hardcover Arabic and English form. May Allah bless everyone who was involved in producing these excellent resources for all of us to benefit from.

  • Amazing product
    star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate 5

    Posted by Heba Sourour on Sep 25th 2020

    This is the first time I come across a book that is written and compiled especially for kids with this amazing quality in content, design, production, etc. My 10-year-old son enjoys reading the side stories, notes, and little bits and pieces surrounding the surahs; the text really captivates a child's interest. The best thing is, it captures those important topics that worry us parents in our contemporary world.
    I would love to see a series covering the whole Quran inshaAllah.