Arabic Between Your Hands - Teacher Book: Level 1 العربية بين يديك كتاب المعلم الأول

Arabic Between Your Hands - Teacher Book: Level 1 العربية بين يديك كتاب المعلم الأول

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Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Fuzan, Dr. Mukhtar Hussein & Dr. Muhammad Fadhel
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Arabic Between Your Hands Series is one program in a collection of programs called “Arabic For All.” This series comprises a developed version of the book “Arabic At Your Hands,” which introduces a comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers, students and teachers. This curriculum is developed for educational entities, including schools, institutes and universities. It begins from the basic level and continues with the students until they master Arabic language, which enables them to join university and continue their Arabic studies in various majors. The developed series is designed by the authors of the original series, who are an academic team specialized in teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers. Teacher’s books are identical to student’s book and aim at providing the teacher with a collection of techniques and procedures to help him teach every page in student’s book effectively in a way that achieves the best results.

Teacher’s book includes key answers for all exercises used in student’s books. Each teacher’s book includes the student’s book of the same level (the two parts) with smaller page size to make it easy for the teacher to follow the educational material of the student without the need to have the student’s book itself. 

The teacher’s books have many advantages, including the following.

  • General guidelines for teachers teaching a language to non-native speakers, along with techniques for presenting different language skills and elements
  • Suggestions on the exercises in each level along with suggestions for additional exercises
  • Answers to the exercises in the student books (except for communicative and expression exercises), along with comprehension texts
  • Answers to the questions on comprehensive tests in the student books (standard, midlevel, and final)
  • Summaries of the structures, vocabulary, and sounds included in each unit and a suggestion for presenting different types of vocabulary
  • Summaries of the objectives of each unit and how to present the texts
  • Description of the units' structures and how to introduce the structures

Other advantages included in teacher’s books are 35 general guidelines for teachers and 24 guidelines on 67 tips about teaching language, its skills and elements, and how to manage a language classroom.