Al-Furqaan Foundation Celebrates 20 Years in Service to the Quran

Al-Furqaan Foundation Celebrates 20 Years in Service to the Quran

Sep 7th 2023

Al-Furqaan Foundation Celebrates 20 Years in Service to the Quran


Bolingbrook, IL — Al-Furqaan Foundation, a leading nonprofit organization in delivering the message of the Quran to every individual in the United States, is proud to announce the completion of 20 years of tremendous service. At the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center (5555 N River Rd., Rosemont, IL, 60018), their goal this year is to continue highlighting the importance of delivering the message of Allah to the Muslim community.

This is a momentous occasion for the Al-Furqaan Foundation in reaching such a successful level of impact and growth. In light of the increasing incidents of Islamophobia, the Foundation, with its tireless efforts of distributing translated copies of the Quran, hopes to gather the support of the Muslim community to continue donating and contributing in this noble effort to do every Muslim’s part in bringing the Quran’s wisdom to residential facilities in the USA.

At the convention, Muslim attendees will be informed about the outstanding work of the Furqaan Project, Furqaan Bookstore, and The Clear Quran®️ which are all divisions and projects of the Foundation at Booth #1333. Each year, with their attendance at the ISNA Convention, high goals are set for the Foundation to achieve in the sponsorship of Quran copies so people understand, act, and convey its message. In 2022, 300 boxes of the Quran were sponsored which included 15,600 Quran copies, and these were the efforts of 20-30% of visitors who contributed in the service to the Quran.

“I believe when you are doing a mission, it’s an obligation to the entire community, but we are doing it on their behalf. It is an honor, I have seen the results [the conversion of non-Muslims to Islam] with my own eyes. I encourage all Muslims to get involved. This is a promise of Allah — if you help the Quran, He will help you in this world,” said Ahmed Abouhaiba, Development Manager at Furqaan Project.


Al-Furqaan Foundation is a non-profit dawah organization in Illinois that works diligently to serve the Quran. Established in 2003, the company has remained firm in its mission to deliver the message of the Quran to everyone in America in order to fulfill the five rights the Quran has upon as Muslims. To learn more about our organization, visit