ICO Islamic Studies Activity Textbook: Grade 6, Part 1

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ICO Islamic Studies Activity Textbook: Grade 6, Part 1

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Paul Addae, Ashraf Ajam, Abdel-Salam Al-Drouby
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In this grade, learners will discover the wisdom behind Allah's (swt) sending of messengers and revealing divine scriptures. They will also study the true meaning of worship and the status of ihsaan. The Qur'an lessons comprise of the recitation of the 27th Juzu' and memorization of Soorat Al-Muzzammil and Soorat Al-Jinn. Life of Hijrah is the focal point of the Seerah section. It includes the biographies of Uthmaan Ibn Al-Affaan (ra) and Ali Ibn Abee Taalib (ra). The significance of Sawm and Hajj are important topics discussed at this grade level. This book concludes with lessons on the adhkaar said during windstorms or rain, and the etiquette of social gatherings. The material is presented, using a spiral approach, where students revisit each area and study it in greater depth each year. The Activity Book engages the student in additionalactivities on the same lessons dealt with in the Student’s Textbook. Thedifference is that the activities in the Activity Book are more analysis - and- synthesis based, than simple recall type activities. There is also a morepractical aspect aligned to activities in the Activity Book.The ICO project is a distinguished one because:
Our curricula meet the needs of the target audience for integrated, coherent, and appropriate curricula.
They were prepared according to scientific bases, assimilating the most recent educational and psychological theories.
They were prepared by special educationists who are experienced in designing curricula and who are familiar with the needs of the target group.
They employed the most recent techniques and educational aids.
They went through many quality control processes, which were carried out by specialized committees, and they were enhanced by teachers who evaluated the curricula before releasing them.