Islamic History (Arabic) [PC]

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Islamic History (Arabic) [PC]

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software cd
Publisher: Harf Information technology

A new service introduced by Harf using the latest electronic publishing technologies in order to get the Muslim user informed of the Islamic history in a thousand year. The program provides display, search and indexing features. The user can review the historical events that took place at a given scope of time and place throughout the Muslim world. The user can show a chronological order of all the historical events witnessed by the Muslim Ummah, displaying the events of each year separately.

The program provides the ability to search for main topics, which are linked to many other subtopics that cover all the events of the Islamic history in a thousand year.

The advanced textual search, based on Harfs technologies in the field of computational linguistics, includes morphological search, which enables search for words or phrases on various levels. The user can search for a word or a phrase on root level, or with affixes; or rather search for exact matches for search words or phrases.

The program includes two kinds of indexes:

General indexes: which include indexes of Quranic verses, Hadiths, poetic verses, biographical names, etc.

Special indexes: which include indexes of military events, revolutions, natural disasters, major battles and conquests, etc.

The text material of the program is supported with a library of illustrative maps accompanied by audio commentary.

There is ample information and images of famous mosques spread throughout the Muslim world with accompanying audio commentary.

Quranic verses are served with reference information and linked to the related web page on, which provides more elaborate Quranic services.

The program provides comprehensive biographies of the outstanding personalities mentioned in the program