Islamic Studies Grade 2

Islamic Studies Grade 2

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Maulvi Abdul Aziz
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Introducing a vibrant Grade 2 textbook, designed in full color for second-grade students, as part of the comprehensive Islamic Education series. This series encompasses a wide range of Islamic studies disciplines: Tafseer, Hadeeth, Tawheed, Fiqh, Seerah, and general etiquettes applicable to various situations and contexts.

Recognizing the urgent demand for English-language Islamic studies materials in educational institutions, Darussalam has taken the initiative to create an Islamic Studies series that spans from first grade to twelfth grade. With a steadfast commitment to authentic Islamic knowledge, every endeavor has been made to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the content presented throughout the series.

Arabic Islamic terminology, being of paramount significance, is presented in its original script alongside transliterations and translations of meanings. This approach extends to supplications that are to be memorized in their Arabic form. The goal is to enable readers to engage with the original text and comprehend its significance. Each lesson is accompanied by exercises that assess comprehension.

A notable highlight of this series is its captivating and colorful artwork, purposefully integrated to captivate and engage young readers. This visual appeal not only attracts children's attention but also serves to inspire, entertain, and educate them. The overarching aim of this series is to familiarize students with the teachings of Islam comprehensively: encompassing beliefs, practices, and ethical conduct. This series, distinguished by its unique features, effectively addresses a longstanding gap in this field that has, until now, been partially overlooked.

This remarkable endeavor was spearheaded by an education expert, Maulvi Abdul Aziz, MA in English Literature, who held various prominent positions in the field, including Senior Administrative Officer at the Department of Private Education, Ministry of Education, Dubai, UAE, from 1982 to 2002.