Li'l Wolf Saves the Day - Walt Disney ....USED

Li'l Wolf Saves the Day - Walt Disney ....USED

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Li'l Wolf Saves the Day was written for the Walt Disney Beginning Reader Collection. The story follows the characters from the original tale of the Big Bad Wolf. One day the Big Bad Wolf is walking down the road and finds an advertisement for the Pigs County Fair. He need that this would be the most pristine opportunity to catch some pigs. When the Three Little Pigs catch wind of the event, they all deiced to participate in the games. Their new friend, Li'l Wolf, helps prepare them. After a ton of hard work, the four friends head to the fair, but unfortunately Li'l Wolf was turned away at the entrance because he was not a pig. Feeling neglected by his father and his friends, Li'l Wolf hides in the bushes and cries. When he hears a sound, he realizes it is his father making a move toward the fair. Li'l Wolf runs back to the entrance to warn the other and hollers for his friends. The guard lets him in because they need him as part of their plan. When the Big Bad Wolf comes in, he is shaken with a master plan that saved all the pigs.

This story line is extremely unique and creative. Building off classic tales draws in a wide range of audiences. Parents and Grandparents can enjoy reading this to their young ones because it can relate back to the classic stories they were told when they were young. This book had the perfect amount of adventure, suspense, and friendship. The reader felt the numerous emotions as the plot went on. The author chose an interesting way to connect their new friend as being the Big Bad Wolf's son. It is sort of a twisted yet intriguing way to relay the message that you can be friends with anyone you want.

The images in this book are realistic yet animated. The characters are all proportioned to their environment and, like all folk tales, the main characters are humanized with clothing and accessories. There is great amount of detail in the background of each picture, for example the lines in the trees are life like and textured. There is a separate image on each page involving text located above or below. Instead of there being a sharp line to break it up, the divider between text and image is a fade in color. This technique softens the over all look and makes it more child friendly.