Microtrade: Money Does Not Grow on Trees, It Grows on Wall Street

Microtrade: Money Does Not Grow on Trees, It Grows on Wall Street

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Dr. Abdul Hye
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Everyday the market moves sharply in either direction. It has become very sensitive these days to the US deficit, high unemployment rate, Washington budget stalemate / politics, European debt crisis, Japan Tsunami / Earthquake, etc. Most of the long-term investors are either losing money or making little or no profit. Many good stock prices are simply moving in a narrow band without increasing significantly. 

One good option is day trading at the micro-level. It reduces the risk of big loss (sharp downturn); rather, it makes small profit by several trades during the day. While it is not meant for any significant profit, the process can make steady profit everyday no matter which direction the market is moving, using the fluctuation of price with minimum risk. You may pay a little more commission everyday but the benefit is higher with low risk.

This book outlines step-by-step how one can trade daily at the micro-level with respectable profit. It shows different strategies on a few good stocks and options which an investor can use for benefit. It makes you free from stress due to overnight positions- no need to wait for the market to turn around (which may never happen). You do not need sophisticated software or algorithms or constant monitoring. All you need is an online market access (real time) and control of your emotions. You can do trading from anywhere around the world. You are liquid by the end of the day. 100% of your funds are ready to invest everyday with opportunities. No margin calls, no interest to pay, no surprises, no financial burden, no debt to carry. You are free to guide your destiny. You are in a strong position with cash, not sitting / waiting on your heavy losses with an uncertain future. It is up to you! Best of luck in microtrading!