Muhammadan Visions: Visions of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ and Proven Means to Dream of Him

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Muhammadan Visions: Visions of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ and Proven Means to Dream of Him

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Shaykh Hassan Shaddad Ba'Alawi and Ustadh Abdul Aziz Ahmad Abdul Aziz
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About the Book: The vision of the Prophet Muhammad ï·º is the greatest gift in the world. From the time of the Sahaba to the present-day, the Prophet of Allah ï·º -like a loving father- has never ceased feeling worried and concerned about his Umma, appearing in the dreams of his followers to communicate with them directly. This book presents the stories of people who saw a vision of the Prophet ï·º across various eras in a variety of circumstances. It then lays out time-tested techniques to see a vision of the noble Prophet ï·º from the spiritual masters of Islam passed down from generation to generation, teacher to seeker. Muhammadan Visions stands as a testament to the intimate connection the Holy Prophet ï·º had -and continues to have- with his Umma, and perhaps the writings of our authors, Ustadh Abdul Aziz and Shaykh Hassan Shaddad Ba'Alawi, will help to restore the connection at a time when our need for connecting to the Muhammadan presence has never been greater. About The Translator: Rashad Jameer was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. In his early twenties, by Allah’s mercy and the companionship of the people of Ä«mān and daÊ¿wah, Allah opened his heart to recommit to Islam. From there, he began his study of the Arabic language, the Holy Qur’an and Islamic Sciences with local scholars in Toronto, and pursued further studies in Arabic and ḤanafÄ« and MālikÄ« fiqh in Cairo, Egypt and Hadramout, Yemen.​