My First Words In Arabic

My First Words In Arabic

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Bachar Karroum
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Arabic book for kids
Want your kids to learn Arabic or introduce your grandchildren to your mother tongue? This delightful picture book has been designed to help any child (or grown-up!) easily learn their first words in Arabic. “My first words in Arabic” is a great way to kick-start their Arabic-speaking learning journey!

Easy and fun way to learn Arabic for children
Language experts have long held that using visual cues is one of the easiest ways for most people to learn a new language. In My first words in Arabic, each word is accompanied by an illustration of the object being described, including the English transliteration to ensure correct pronunciation. For example, an orange in Arabic is “boortookal”, and is pronounced boor-too-kal. This book is destined to become a classic that will help children (or anyone) learn basic Arabic words.

Who will find this classic Arabic children’s book helpful?
This Arabic book for children has been designed for Arabic-speaking parents (or of Arab descent) residing in English-speaking countries who want to introduce their little ones to their mother tongue. It is also great for any adult who wishes to learn Arabic, starting with the basics.

This introductory book contains the essentials to help you teach Arabic to your child, with key words covering colors, numbers, shapes, fruits, vegetables, animals, clothes, body parts, etc. Allowing your child to build a basic Arabic vocabulary is the stepping-stone to his or her learning journey - a great start to learn how to speak Arabic. “My first words in Arabic” is definitely a must-have in every family’s home to building the foundation and learning Arabic.