Prophets Stories for Children Set 1 [PC]

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Prophets Stories for Children Set 1 [PC]

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Harf Information Technology 
Product specifications: Arabic Only Childrens Software CD 
Item type: Software CD 

  • Display of the events of the story of Prophets

  • Dawud and Sulaiman (peace be upon them), using animated cartoons and interesting dialogs that aim at dramatizing situations and events. Besides historical narration, the events provide Muslim children with Islamic values and modes of behavior. In addition, the program displays some other relevant sub-stories.

    A survey of all Quranic verses relevant to the story of Prophets Dawud and Sulaiman (peace be upon them) with the ability to listen to recitation by Shaikh Al-Husari and display of explanation of difficult Arabic words.

    A display of the lessons deduced from the events in the form of cartoon stories.

    A detailed display of the miracles with which Allah aided Prophets Dawud and Sulaiman.

    A quality collection of songs that dramatize the events of the story, with the aim of inculcating these events in the minds of children.

    An entertainment section that includes a collection of games that develop the childs sense of observation and increase his intelligence.