THE Story of Muhammad (S) in Madinah

THE Story of Muhammad (S) in Madinah

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Abu Zahir
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The Story of Muhammad (saaw) in Madinah, is one of four books from the series “stories of the Prophets” by Darussalam.
About the book
The Story of Muhammad (saaw) in Madinah teaches Children about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saaw) from his migration to Madinah up to his death
This wonderfully written book is easy to read and follow, with beautifully illustrated pictures for little children to enjoy and learn about our beloved prophet (saaw).
The other three books in the series are titled: The story of Muhammad (saaw) in Makkah, The story of Ibrahim (pbuh) and The story of Adam (pbuh).
It is our Islamic responsibility as Parents to educate our Children in Deen and to instill love into their hearts for Allah and our beloved Prophets. Love of Allah’s Messenger (saaw) is part of our faith as Muslims, so this book is a great way to introduce and educate our little ones, on the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saaw).


O! you Arabs, here comes the Prophet you have all been waiting for,' shouted a man from the tribe of Bani Israel. There appeared two shapes in the distance, coming through the hot desert haze towards Madinah. When they heard the shout, every man, woman and child dropped whatever they were doing and lined the streets of Madinah. Many of the new Muslims in Madinah had not met the Messenger, Muhammad (saaw). At first they mistook Abu Bakr (raa) for Muhammad (saaw), until he covered Muhammad (saaw) with his own cloth from the blazing, afternoon sun. Muhammad (saaw) stayed a few days in a place called Quba and built the first Masjid there. He then rode his camel towards the centre of Madinah and let Allah (swt) guide his camel until she came to rest on her knees.