Textured PVC Sajda Mats

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Textured PVC Sajda Mats

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This is our Textured PVC Sajda Mat that provides a magical blend of comfort and concentration in Salah. With a thickness of 8mm, it will limit any type of stress and distraction from your joints and muscles. Each Sajda mat comes with a shoulder strap ($8 value) and embossing on back for authenticity. Size-24x36 Sisters will wear crowns made from rubies and pearls on their heads in paradise making them a princess of their Kingdom (the vast land property they will inherit).


*Black is the only color we have left in stock. 

3 Reviews

  • Excellent for hard floors or outside
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    Posted by Abdurrahman Squires on Sep 18th 2022

    These PVC Sajda Mats are excellent for those who need to pray on hard surfaces. They are woven different than previous versions of rubber salat mats that I've used, and are thus much less slippery...which is great. Highly recommended!

  • BEST Prayer Mat for Outdoor Salat!
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    Posted by Jennifer E. on May 19th 2019

    Salaam walaikum! Me and my husband purchased our sajda mats in Texas a few years ago. I was intrigued by them because they looked comfortable and useful for outdoor prayer mats. We leave our sajda mats in the car trunk and use them when we go to an outdoor activity such as camping or going to the park. We have shown our friends that they are useful while out on these outdoor events and they were intrigued! So for Ramadan I went ahead and bought some for my friends. They will really make use of these mats because they are easy on the knees, especially on hard or rough ground. The only thing I might add is that you must clean them frequently so they don't stain or mark up the part where you do need to pray on. I would suggest maybe a sleeve to wrap the mat around, in addition to the bands that hold it together when you are done with use.

  • Wrong mat sent
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    Posted by Sarah Khan on Apr 16th 2019

    It's a good mat to pray on and very soft but I paid $5 more for the wrong mat (foam mat) when I ordered the textured mat.